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About Us

At C.A.T & Co we are absolutely passionate about what we do. We believe that every woman deserves the best skincare, make up, false lashes and eyelash extension treatments available that.

  • Accentuate her beauty
  • Enhance her best features
  • Empower and strengthen her self-esteem & confidence

Because  every  woman  deserves  to  feel  beautiful

C.A.T & Co founder, Catherina has worked with the best in the business. She has professionally styled the faces and eyelashes of well-known models, actors and beauty contestants for:

  • Catwalk
  • Magazine and billboard photo shoots
  • Bridal and hair expos
  • Film, theatre and television
  • Miss World Pageants

Catherina's passion is balanced with a solid business acumen resulting from years of experience in a corporate environment managing top 500 clients. This ensures she not only has excellent knowledge of the products but also an understanding of the needs on both a business & consumer perspective.

“After many years of searching and unsatisfied with what was out on the market I embarked on the journey to created my own products. Thus C.A.T & Co was born. I wanted beautiful luxurious products that did not cost a fortune. I wanted to give my clients the same services and products that I myself expect. I do not settle for less so how could I expect my clients to. I am very particular about the products i use and would not provide my clients with anything but the best products in the market”

C.A.T & Co's premium ever-evolving range of professional beauty tools and systems are the result of years of ongoing global research to source and create the best products and leading edge techniques in the industry today.  As health and safety is paramount to us, we ensure that all our products are trailed and tested and meet the highest health and safety requirements to produce the highest quality products available. Our products not only look beautiful and are easy to use but are designed to produce superior results whilst saving you time.

Red carpets worthy lashes are our specialty!

C.A.T & Co are the creators of Lashtopia, a revolutionary, innovative  semi-permanent eyelash extension system designed to create the ultimate, glamorous, lovely looking lashes in less than half the time of traditional lash extension techniques.

With years of experience, C.A.T & Co prides itself on being highly educated in the most up-to-date techniques, tailoring our services and product range to meet the changing needs of our global professionals and their clients.

We work with each of our clients to develop an understanding of their business and tailor a product, service and education offering to suit the  changing needs of beauty therapists, makeup artists, cosmetologists, aestheticians , dermatologist, hairdressers and their clients from around the world. All products and services seen on this site can be distributed quickly and easily to virtually any corner of the globe.

Premium products at competitive prices.

We deal directly with manufacturers to ensure our clients (both professionals and consumers) have access to premium beauty products and services at very competitive prices. Our products are adored for their quality, efficiency and durability.

Contact Us to find out more or browse through our site to see the range of beauty products and services we offer.