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Lash Extensions (Professionals)

Lashtopia is a revolutionary new eyelash extension system designed to create the ultimate glamorous, natural looking lashes in less than half the current traditional application time required for existing professional lash extension techniques.

Our unique eyelash extension separator quickly and easily separates the natural eyelashes and arranges them into the minuet slots of the device. It then extends the lashes to complete the extension process.

C.A.T & Co are the creators of Lashtopia® lashes and Eyelash Extension Kits.

Why add eyelash extensions to your list of beauty services?

  • Innovative new niche service
  • Competitive advantage (application in less than half the time of traditional lash extension services)
  • Repeat clientele for refills
  • Ability to up-sell other services
  • High profit margins
  • Directory listing on our website
  • High quality products at value for money pricing
  • Marketing literature to assist you to market the service
  • Ongoing support from leading eyelash extension experts
  • Discounts on eyelash products

Eyelash Extension application

We've got all you need to become an accredited Lashtopia stylist

At C.A.T & Co we have all the products and training to get you accredited and up and running. Our all-inclusive Lashtopia Lash Extension Kits (available in 3 sizes to suit different needs) contain all the tools you need, including tweezers, separator tool, extension tools, bonding agent, training and marketing material and more.

Become an accredited Lashtopia lash extension stylist and we will add your business to our Directory.

Lashtopia lash extension aftercare

With proper care and maintenance, Lashtopia lashes will last for the lifespan of your client's natural lashes. Read more…

Lashtopia eyelashes, lash extension systems and training programs have been purchased by leading beauty professionals around the world. Join the revolution today.

Purchase a Lashtopia Lash Extension Kit
Contact Us to find out more.


Last update: Aug 23, 2013
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