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Professional FAQs


Are the Lash Separators universal, and can you use our own lashes and glue?

Yes they Lash Separators are universal, you can use any glues or lashes. There is no restriction that is the great thing about this product. It is simply there to help and guide you in isolating the lashes.

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Why are there two Separators?

The Lash Separators are distinguished between left and right eye and is the only one of its kind globally. It is a patented product that cannot be replicated.

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What are the Lash Separators made of?

The Lash Separators are made of special photocatalytic materials (which glues will not stick to ) and is 24k gold plated.

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How long will the separator last?

The Lash Separators are very durable and with proper care you will not have to replace the separators.

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Can I buy the Separators on their own without the kit?

The separators are not sold separately on their own as the brush and cleaner are an integral part that comes with them for the technique process. The brush has been specially designed to help tease the eyelashes and assist in placing them on the separators ready for isolation. The cleaner is specifically formulated to rejuvenate the plates on the Lash Separators to keep them at their optimum condition.

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Do the kits come with a step by step training video on how to use the lash separators and prepare the individual tweezers?

Yes, all of kits come with the Step by Step training video.

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If the application time takes 30min (with the 100 tweezers) what’s the prep time?

The preparation time in setting up the tweezers is 5 – 10 minutes.

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How long will it take for me to pick up this technique and be able to do lashes in 30mins or so? How easy do people find the system to use?

It can take a month or two (depending on the skill set of the technician) doing at least one full set a day to become proficient in this method. The majority of lash technician who have bought the Lash Separators have achieve great results in using this system.
Like anything at the start they are a bit slow but with practice they have gotten use to this technique and they loved it.

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Why do you need the tweezers?

The tweezers help to speed up the application time as you would pre prepare the lashes onto the tweezers. It all depends on the lash technician on which method they prefer to do. You can still pick up the lashes manually and use the lash separator to help isolate the lashes.
We say that if you use the lash separator with the tweezer set you will be able to do a full set in 30mins. In saying that if you prefer to manually pick up the lashes by incorporating the lash separator it will still significantly reduce your application time by half if not more with practice and depending on your skill set.

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Once you do the longer lashes with the separators, do you do the baby lashes regularly or use the lash separator for those as well?

It all depends on the amount of lashes the client has and the design and look the client desires. You would still use the separator to help you see and isolate if needed the baby lashes. When doing the baby lashes use the double layer technique.

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Can they be used for refills/ infills?

Yes the Lash Separator can be used to help isolate lashes for refills / infills.

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Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship to all international countries

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How long will it take to receive my parcel once i have made payment?

We use either International Express which takes between 3 – 7 business days or DHL which takes 4 business days.

Last update: Nov 01, 2012
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