" Let the beauty we love be what we do" - Jalal-Uddin Rumi

We at C.A.T & Co are commited to providing the higest quality products, service and support for all your training needs . We take pride in every aspect of what we do as we believe that all women have the right to feel and look beautiful.

We welcome you to view our new YouTube video teaser on  how the Lashtopia System works . The full video is available with purchase of our kits.    

Eye shadow can help enhance your natural eye colour. Certain colours bring out your eyes. But, determining the right eye shadow colour for your eye colour is more than just reading a list of possibilities. You still need to choose a shade that blends well with your skin tone.
Everyone has a different eye colour and skin tone. If you have fair skin and blue eyes, for example, you would want to choose an eye shadow that enhances both. You also need to take into account what you are wearing and your hair colour. Someone with olive skin, blonde hair, and hazel eyes will choose a colour that enhances all three.
Your eyes are often the first things people see when they look at you. Makeup can help enhance them even more, especially if you choose colours and techniques that best compliment your eye colour, skin tone, and eye shape. Here are some eye makeup tips that will help you accentuate this prominent feature.
Define your brows . Well defined eyebrows are essential to creating a polished look. Make sure you remove any stray hairs with a pair of tweezers before you apply your makeup. You can also have them waxed at a salon. After you remove the stray hairs, you can define them further by using a brow pencil that matches the shade...
Determining eye shape is just as important as choosing the right colours for your colouring. Depending on the shape of your eyes you should choose different colours and ways of applying eye makeup. Learn how to determine eye shape and apply eye makeup for each eye shape.
Eye Makeup for close-set eyes
If the space between the inner corners of your eyes is shorter than the width of one eye, you have close-set eyes. So your aim is to make your eyes look further apart. To create the illusion of width, you should emphasize the outer corners.
  • Apply light eye shadow from the inner corner of your eye to the...
1 – Choosing Lashes

False lashes come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are natural, some are super dramatic.

If you prefer a doll-like doe eye, go for lashes that are long in the centre. If you like a sexy cat-eye, get lashes that become longer towards the ends.

You can also buy individual lashes. They take a little longer to apply but yield a very natural, controllable result.

2 – Sizing Lashes

Every eye size is different. Remove lash strip from package and gently bend back and forth. This will help loosen up the lash strip, making it more pliable. Now, place lashes directly above lash line....

With the proper care and maintenance your new Lashtopia lashes will look beautiful and glamorous everyday.

  • Do not get lashes wet for 24 -36 hours after application. Avoid steam rooms / saunas.
  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Use an eyelash wand to comb extensions to prevent lashes from clumping.
  • Apply protective coating 24hrs after application to strengthen the bond and protect against breakage.
  • Mascara is not necessary but if you must wear it apply to the tips only and use a water-based formulation only. Do not use waterproof or oil-based mascaras.
  • Use only water based beauty products. Avoid...

"Beauty is a form of genius as it needs no explanation"- Oscar Wilde


Professional glamorous eyelash extensions in less than half the time!

No longer do you need to spend two-and-a-half hours at the beauty therapists to achieve stunning natural looking lash extensions.

Lashtopia is a revolutionary new eyelash extension system kit designed to create the ultimate glamorous, natural looking lashes in less than half the current traditional application time required for existing professional lash extension techniques.

The eyelash extension separator helps to swiftly separate the natural eyelashes by...

Let the beauty we love be what we do" - Jalal-Uddin Rumi

Introducing a revolution in eyelash extension application…

Lashtopia is a revolutionary new eyelash extension system designed to create the ultimate glamorous, natural looking lashes in less than half the current traditional application time required for existing professional lash extension techniques.

C.A.T & Co's unique, patented eyelash extension separator quickly and easily separates your client’s natural eyelashes and arranges them into the minuet slots of the device. It then extends the lashes to complete the extension process, meaning perfect lash...